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StrictlyIncreasing Class Reference

StrictlyIncreasing monotone class. More...

#include <keyvalue/key/generic/monotone/StrictlyIncreasing.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

template<typename ElementType >
static bool check (const ElementType &x, const ElementType &y)
 Performs the comparison.
static const char * getName ()
 Gets type name.

Detailed Description

StrictlyIncreasing monotone class.

Given two consecutive values of a sequence, x[i] and x[i+1], this class checks if x[i] < x[i+1].

Member Function Documentation

static bool check ( const ElementType &  x,
const ElementType &  y 
) [static]

Performs the comparison.

x : 1st value to be checked;
y : 2nd value to be checked.
ElementType : (template parameter) Type of x and y. Accepted types are double, ptime, string and unsigned int. (Other types will generate a link error.)
(x < y).
static const char* getName (  )  [static]

Gets type name.

"strictly increasing".