User's Manual - version: 0.2

15. The Excel add-in

The Excel add-in has two particular features describred in the sequel.

15.1. The help file

A help file in compressed HTML format can be associated to the Excel add-in. This file must be named manual.chm and be located in the directory containning the add-in. Then under the Excel function wizard for KEYVALUE function (or whatever is the name provided by the bridge), one can click on "Help on this function" to open manual.chm.

The file will be open by the program associated with extendion .chm at the position mapped to ID number 1000. For instance, the .chm of this user manual is called manual.chm and maps the ID number 1000 to Section 5.

Instructions on how to create .chm files and how to map ID number to anchors is outside of the scope of this document.

15.2. The menu of commands

As explained in Section 7.1.1, Excel add-in provides special support for commands. Under the add-in menu on the menu bar, it presents a menu named after the core library from which one can call any command. The result of the command can be seen on the global logger.

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